Ravenspell Book 1: Of Mice and Magic (Ravenspell Series) ~ by: David FARLAND

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Title: Ravenspell Book 1: Of Mice and Magic (Ravenspell Series)
Author: David FARLAND (Covenant Communications)
Genre: Children's eBooks(click to see more on eReaderIQ.com)
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More than anything, Benjamin Ravenspell wants a pet. But when he buys a mouse named Amber, he gets more than he bargained for. No sooner does Ben take her home, than Amber turns him into a mouse too. You see, Amber has magical abilities, and it so happens that Ben is a familiar—a creature that stores magical energy. Together they each form half of a powerful wizard. Alone, they’re just vermin.Soon Ben and Amber will find themselves pitted in an epic battle against a magical enemy...

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